Farpoint Productions


....Farpoint Productions is an independent production house specialising in high-quality documentary and videography productions....

About Farpoint

Farpoint Productions was founded by Jamie Grant. Jamie started his in video production producing factual and entertainment content for TV, web, before the video game industry. Farpoint Productions is an independent production company specialising in high-quality documentary and videography storytelling and filmmaking.

Jamie began his storytelling career focusing on socially aware stories in disabled and immigrant communities, helping to deliver them to underserved audiences in the UK and Europe through broadcasters like the Community Channel and Information TV. Recognising the growing importance of online media in people's lives at an early stage, he developed marketing methods for video-on-demand through web portals, now vital to delivering niche content to niche audiences.

A big leap into unknown waters saw Jamie join Nintendo's European headquarters as a producer of a plethora of their flagships IPs, producing and directing narrative video games for the European and American markets. Over the course of his career Jamie has spent several years each in Japan, Germany, Turkey and of course the south of England.

A return to his roots was inevitable, however. After polishing his approach under National TV and Film School courses in 2016, Jamie dives back into documentary development with MASTERS OF MAHJONG, Farpoint Productions first documentary feature.